Leticia Trandafir, Montreal, 2013

Anna B, Montreal, 2014
Genny Ramos, Chicago, 2014

This is Genny Ramos, a California girl among the snow. Even though she didn't know me, she let me stay in her beautiful turn of the century apartment in Lincoln Park for a week. We became instant friends —bonding over whatever. It wasn't anything specific like music or movies, just vibes. There's a candor and vulnerability to her story telling that immediately disarms you. She was part of union organizing at her old job (!!!), which resulted in everyone getting fired & written about in Gawker. :o) Union organizing -politics- major boner steez. She also does improv & writes. I nudged her to start up her blog again, which had a bit of fame with a post called "Spicy Poop". Anyone chill to talk about poop over dinner is A+.

We climbed snow mountains by Lake Michigan & ate juicy burgers & saw questionable art. She made my stay in Chicago the bestest.
Safia Siad, Montreal, 2012

This is Safia Siad— she has the most generous smile & every time she posts a new poem, it always comes at the moment I need it. I've also never met a woman who's music taste I have revered more than hers & that is no small feat! She had stayed with me in Montreal for a couple of months. On her last night, her intense energy left me a bit sad & lonely as I waved her goodbye so she could live in a place that has a private bed and not my pull out couch. I am so impressed by her constant energy, strength and the way I have never heard her complain. She has given me so much to think about and definitely has made me want to step up my being-an-amazing-strong-woman game.
Cassandra Rose, Montreal, 2012
Eva, Mexico City DF, 2013
Krystalla Pearce, San Cristobal, 2013
Christine Clements, California, USA, 2011
Mira Calix, London, UK, 2011
Caroline Praline, Montreal, 2014
Mira Calix, Krakow, Poland, 2014
Bérangère Maximin, Paris, France, 2011
Marlaina Read, Montreal, 2013
Olivia Gagnon, San Cristobal, 2013
Laura Portwood-Stacer, New York, 2014
Mom, Montreal, 2014
Sanyu Kisaka, San Cristobal, 2013
Danielle D'Silva, Montreal, 2013

We were once young girls going to punk shows & chasing after skater boys & the music & boys might be different but were still those girls. We have a secret underwater swing dancing routine & giggles that will disrupt anything anytime. She has been through so much yet stays so positive (i am constantly learning that from her!). Despite all that Dee is the most determined & hard working woman I know & that keeps me humble, makes me so proud & lucky to have her by my side. I will never stop being there for her.

That feeling of knowing there's a woman in your life that is there for you no matter what shit is going on in her life & what choices you're making & always supportive, thoughtful & patient / Dee is the best #bffforever ever & she's also mad strong which inspires me because I'm not good at holding it together at all < emojiemojiemojiemoji >
Olivia Gagnon, San Cristobal, 2013
Leticia Trandafir, Montreal, 2013
Sara Udow, Toronto, 2010

Sara Udow, jewess extraordinare, is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. We did not like each other at first sight. She was in my MA cohort & the only other person into food issues & I thought she was too mainstream & it upset me greatly. She thought I was snobby & way too fashion-y for grad school. Oh, the value judgments of first impressions. We ended up in a class together and somehow became close friends immediately. We worked on several scholarly and art projects together and even travelled to present at conferences as a team. She is my #academicBFF through and through & I want to convince her to do her PhD in Montréal so we can do what we do best once again. Our strengths and weakness work together in a perfect symbiosis. For my birthday one year she made me a card and APA style cited a term I made up —synergistic pedagogy. I love her.
Arwen Jean Fleming, Montreal, 2014
Paulina Pawlicka, Montreal, 2013
Rea McNamara, 2013, Toronto
Tawny Andersen, 2014, Montreal
Jordan Hale, Toronto, 2013
Adriana, Montreal, 2013
Sarah Mackie, Montreal, 2013

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