I created the Korsakow portion of Jennie Suddick's Stomping Ground project. An interactive browser-based narrative of location stories.

Land|Slide Possible Futures is a groundbreaking large-scale public art exhibition which responds to a world in transition where the past, present and future collide. The landscape of Markham will be transformed by the work of over 30 national and international artists to explore themes of multiculturalism, sustainability, and community. The site-specific artist projects are housed at the 25-acre, open-air Markham Museum from September 21 to October 14, 2013.

Jennie Suddick
Stomping Ground

A Multimedia Research-based Community Engagement and Mapping Project Exploring Personal Narratives

Through a series of interviews, local residents reflect on childhood and adolescent memories of natural and manmade green spaces within Markham. These memories unfold as a series of anecdotal footnotes to both a time passed and a reflection of what the landscape is becoming. The final presentation takes multiple forms: a documentary, a Korsakow user-guided browser-based narrative of location stories, and printed guide maps. The footage also will be accessible through the Land|Slide AR app. The app and maps act as walking tours, guiding users to hidden or little known sites revealed in the documentary. Additionally, Suddick will present sculptural and installation works which will see the artist rebuild her childhood/teenage bedroom from the home she grew up in in Markham. The dialogue between the works speaks to the desire to both develop relationships to and make an imprint on ones surroundings.