Mauris Facili

Opinio-Documentaries regarding the false advertising of accessible polling stations in Montreal.
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By: Magdalena Olszanowski, Laurence Parent and Kim Sawchuk
Photos: Magdalena Olszanowski
Editing: Magdalena Olszanowski & Laurence Parent
Produced by the Mobile Media Lab

Pied-de-la-Montagne School
311 des Pins east
Electoral division: Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques
On April 7, 2014, Montreal resident Marie-Eve Veilleux invites us to follow her attempt to vote during the Québec provincial election. Even though her polling station was identified as being wheelchair accessible, Marie-Eve will have to leave her wheelchair behind to be able to vote. Her experience reveals a troubling truth : it is not because a polling station is officially identified as wheelchair accessible that it is wheelchair accessible...

Saint-Marc School
6365, 1re avenue
Electoral Division : Gouin
Montreal resident Geneviève Vanier explains the lack of access at her polling station at the Quebec provincial election.She has been living in La Petite-Patrie for two years and this is the third time her polling station was held at Saint-Marc school, despite her grievances. Due to the inaccessibility of her polling station, she was forced to vote significantly in advance, and outside of her neighborhood like most others. She argues that all people should have the right to access their polling station on voting day.