Magdalena Izabela Wiktoria O!szanowski.
mother art/is/t, Montreal. 

I’m a scholar of electronic media and feminist internet history, and a writer of essays, criticism, and memoir. My current beat is art, environment, and motherhood.


Magdalena Olszanowski is an award-winning writer, artist, and educator in Montreal. She received her PhD in Communication Studies from Concordia University where she is now part time faculty. She also teaches at Dawson College and John Abbott College. An exhibiting new media and video artist as well as a writer, she has written for, or been featured in, publications such as CBCesse, Feminist Media Studies, Visual Communication Quarterly, n+1, nomorepotlucks, and showcased her work at SXSW and ISEA among others. The first phase of her documentary, microfemininewarfare, has been featured at international art festivals. She was recently named CBC’s Featured Columnist for 2022. Currently, she is working on a bildungsroman set in 1970/80s Poland. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and now lives in Montreal, Canada with her partner, two children and neighbourhood cats.

Dissertation &tc

My work spans the themes of media production, self-imaging, internet histories, feminist subjectivities, electronic music and sound, digital traces, trauma, violence, the transmission of affect in desire, the multiplicity of the body in relation to others and space, sexuality, motherhood and love. I am currently focused on my project
Prurient Maternal: an exploration of the sexual maternal body.

I am a board member of RECAA, and also involved in community organizing, specifically around ageing and technology. In addition, I run workshops .

I love facilitating workshops on Wikipedia, the web and digital image literacy, gender and electronic music, feminist internet history, mother art, and inclusive pedagogy.