Magdalena Izabela Wiktoria O!szanowski. mother art/is/t, Montreal. 

I am an artist, educator, writer, and an electronic media and internet historian who received her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Concordia University in March 2020 (one of the first Zoom defences at the institution). I am currently part-time faculty at Concordia University, Dawson College and John Abbott College. 

My dissertation: The Collective Practices of Amateur Self-Imag(in)ing and Personal Website Production 1996 to 2001

My work spans the themes of media production, self-imaging, internet histories, feminist subjectivities, electronic music and sound, digital traces, trauma, violence, the transmission of affect in desire, the multiplicity of the body in relation to others and space, sexuality, motherhood and love.

I am also involved in community organizing, specifically around ageing and technology. In addition, I run workshops on internet and digital image literacy.

I love facilitating workshops on Wikipedia, gender and electronic music, feminist internet history, mother art, and inclusive pedagogy.

Please email me if you would like to collaborate or say hello—

Official Bio

Magdalena Olszanowski is a Polish-born artist, writer, and faculty in Cinema and Media Arts at Dawson College, and John Abbott College, both in Montreal. She received her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Concordia University in 2020, one of the first defences to happen on Zoom due to the pandemic. Her doctoral research analyzed the underexplored territory of 1990s global feminist web practices.  Her work can be found in journals such as Feminist Media Studies, dancecult: journal of electronic dance music culture and Visual Communication Quarterly. She is also focused on her ongoing project Prurient Maternal: an exploration of the sexual maternal body, and microfemininewarfare, a documentary featuring women experimental electronic music composers.